Companies and other Business Structures in South Arica 5th Edition

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Companies and other Business Structures in South Africa
offers a clear and practical approach to the law relating to companies, close corporations, trust entities, partnerships and financial markets. The fifth edition is comprehensively revised to address the extensive common law jurisprudence that has developed since the Companies Act 71 of 2008 was promulgated, and offers expanded commentary to support meaningful understanding and practical application of the legislative provisions and common law. In addition, the fifth edition offers a new chapter that discusses the obligations of business enterprises in relation to human rights.

Companies and other Business Structures in South Africa is suited as core course material for students of all disciplines, who are studying company law at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The text balances rigour and depth with accessibility, and offers a clear pedagogical structure that supports effective learning and independent engagement with the subject matter. To support teaching and learning, teaching presentation and assessment materials are available to lecturers.

The book is also a useful resource for legal or accounting practitioners who may wish to engage with practical and current principles of the field.

Editor : Dennis Davis, Walter Geach

ISBN:  9780190758783

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