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This fifth edition of International Law: A South African Perspective is now titled Dugard’s International Law: A South African Perspective, in recognition of the fact that this work is a continuation of the earlier editions written by John Dugard.

The substance of the work has undergone major changes to take account of new developments both on the international legal scene and in South Africa. Dugard’s International Law: A South African Perspective presents a South African perspective of international law. The basic principles of international law are described and examined with reference to the principal sources of international law. This examination, however, takes place within the context of South African law. South African state practice, judicial decisions and legislation on international law receive equal treatment with international law as it is practised and taught abroad.

Author : Tladi, D,Dugard, J,Du Plessis, M,Maluwa, T
Edition : 5th Edition
Year : 2019
Language : English
ISBN : 9781485128281

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