Entrepreneurship A South African Perspective 4th Edition

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Authors: Cecile Nieuwenhuizen, Gideon Nieman

ISBN: 9780627035937

Entrepreneurs are the core and essence of any economy. Without entrepreneurs, there would be no business and without business, there would be no government, as there would be nobody to pay taxes to finance it. What distinguishes entrepreneurs from the masses, and even from innovative individuals, is that they act on opportunities and create something new, thereby driving economic evolution. Entrepreneurship – a South African perspective is a guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship – a South African perspective describes and illustrates new venture creation within a South African context: the start-up process, the growth stages and the challenges in the maturity phase of the business. In this fourth edition, all the chapters have been updated and some chapters, including those on international business opportunities and legal aspects, have been substantially revised. Exercises, activities and numerous case studies based on the latest research in South Africa are included.

Contents include the following:

  • Seeing, locating, measuring and opening the window of opportunity
  • Developing the business plan
  • Determining the resources required
  • Fair trade, competition and consumer protection
  • The role of national government in developing and enabling the small business environment
  • Controlling and planning for growth
  • Key issues of business success or failure
  • E-commerce opportunities
  • Corporate entrepreneurship in South Africa

Entrepreneurship is aimed at undergraduate students at all higher education institutions in South Africa as well as entrepreneurs, managers, management consultants and trainees, developers and presenters of in-house business courses.

Cecile Nieuwenhuizen has previously held the position of head of the Department of Business Management at both Unisa and the    University of Johannesburg (UJ). Currently she is the postgraduate and research coordinator in the Department of Business Management at UJ. She obtained her MBL at the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership and her PhD in Business Management from the former Potchefstroom University. She is on the editorial board of various academic journals.

The late Gideon Nieman was a professor emeritus and former head of the Department of Business Management at the University of Pretoria. His qualifications included a BCom (Accounting) and an MBA from the University of Pretoria, and a PhD from the former Vista University in South Africa. He passed away in 2017.

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