Environmental Education And Education For Sustainability - Some South African Perspectives 2nd Edition

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The world is in an environmental crisis dominated by environmental issues and risks such as loss of biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, urbanisation and many others. For many commentators, the solution lies in the provision of adequate education, including environmental education.


This wide-ranging and thought-provoking book is designed primarily as an introductory text for tertiary students who are encountering environmental education for the first time. It raises a variety of interesting issues related to the teaching of environmental content. Since no comparable book exists in South Africa, it will fill a need for students and educators alike.

Environmental education and education for sustainability - some South African perspectives perceptively addresses topics such as

  • a number of environmental issues and risks of which learners need to be made aware
  • the history of environmental education, both internationally and in South Africa
  • the ways in which our deeply held value assumptions and even our religious convictions affect our attitudes towards environmental issues and environmental education
  • the meaning of "education for sustainability"
  • curriculum development and the teaching and learning of environmental education
  • environmental education in the non-formal sector
  • environmental education and training in industry
  • an introduction to research in environmental education.

Author:  C.P.Loubser

ISBN: 9780627030161

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