Gr9 Mathematics '2 in 1' Answer Series

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Test & Exam Preparation. 

This Answer Series Grade 9 Maths 2in1 study guide offers carefully selected exercises, detailed solutions and constant guidance to walk you through the Grade 9 CAPS curriculum. 

The exercises are graded in difficulty, taking you from fundamentals all the way up to advanced work in manageable steps. You receive answers with full details and reasoning, allowing you to self-correct and improve along the way.

This 2 in 1 publication includes:

  • Topic-based graded questions and full answers – to develop a step-by-step, thorough understanding of theory, techniques and concepts in every topic.
  • Exam papers with full, detailed solutions.

Key features:

Comprehensive examples and study tips for each topic

  • Detailed solutions for all exercises
  • Exam Papers with detailed memos – to put theory into practice and reinforce concepts in an exam format.

No matter your level of confidence in the subject, this study guide can enable you to perform beyond expectations, all the while preparing you for the next year’s challenges.

 Authors: Anne Eadie, Gretel Lampe

ISBN: 9781920686529

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