Grade 10 Maths 4 Africa Caps Study Guide

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Grade 10 Maths is extremely important as this forms the basis of the work done in Grades 11 and 12. It is therefore of the utmost importance to understand this work well in order to lay a good and solid foundation for the next two years.

  • The Grade 10 Maths 4 Africa study guide helps learners navigate successfully through the maze that is Grade 10 by explaining complicated concepts in a simple manner. Colour is used throughout to highlight words, numbers or helpful tips wherever appropriate in order to enable learners to understand the work more easily.
  • In Grade 10, learners start factorising more complicated trinomials as well as the sum and difference of perfect cubes. The Maths 4 Africa study guide offers worked examples and step-by-step guidance to ensure that learners know exactly how to go about this.
  • In the section on exponents, learners are introduced to more complicated types of exponential equations (as is required in Grade 10). Important issues are addressed in worked examples, and helpful notes enable learners to understand what is being done in each step. The same applies to the chapters on equations and inequalities.
  • The section on functions is extremely important. Here, Grade 10 learners are introduced to three new types of functions: parabolas, hyperbolas and exponential functions. Special attention is given to drawing graphs, interpreting graphs, interpreting equations of functions and finding the equations of functions.
  • Probability and statistics are explained in a manner which learners will find easy to understand using helpful summaries, diagrams and worked examples.
  • Trigonometry is introduced to learners in Grade 10. Maths 4 Africa focuses on explaining this in a simple manner and making sure that learners understand the basics of trigonometry before moving on to more complicated examples. In the section on trigonometric functions, learners are also shown exactly how to use a calculator to draw graphs of these functions using step-by-step explanations. Using exam-type questions in worked examples, learners are also taught how to interpret trigonometric graphs and equations of such graphs.
  • In the chapters on number patterns, financial maths and measurement, the Maths 4 Africa study guide keeps things simple by summarising formulae and offering helpful hints to help learners succeed.
  • The sections on analytical geometry (which is also new to Grade 10) and Euclidean geometry cover all important aspects of these sections. As always in the Maths 4 Africa study guides, formulae have been summarised and little notes and hints alongside worked examples help learners understand what is being done.
  • Even though everything is explained simply and clearly, more difficult exam-type questions are also included, thereby helping learners prepare for tests and exams. Learners who use the Grade 10 Maths 4 Africa study guide on a regular basis will find this book invaluable. It has been designed to help learners succeed.

Author: Katie Muller

ISBN: 9780994716231

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