Grade 11 Maths 4 Africa Caps Study Guide

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The Grade 11 Maths 4 Africa study guide is a true gem. It is an absolute must for both Grade 11 and 12 learners. In Grade 11, learners are introduced to lots of new work which can get complicated quite quickly if one doesn’t understand the basics well. The Grade 11 study guide offers step-by-step guidance throughout, enabling learners to keep up every step of the way.

  • In Euclidean geometry, learners need to learn and apply a lot of new theorems, including writing down the correct reason whenever they apply one of these theorems. These include theorems dealing with tangents and quadrilaterals. The relevant chapter in the Maths 4 Africa study guide offers a summary of all of these theorems together with the correct reasons (all in accordance with CAPS) as well as a simple example of each before moving on to worked examples similar to those that might be encountered in tests or exams. Colourful sketches along the way serve as a further visual explanation of what is being done.
  • In the section on trigonometry, learners are introduced to various types of trigonometric equations, as well as finding the general and specific solutions of equations, which could all be quite daunting. Once again, the Maths 4 Africa study guide comes to the rescue, offering an organised summary of all these types of trigonometric equations as well as a simple worked example of each before moving on to more difficult examples. Furthermore, learners could find working in the various quadrants and proving trigonometric identities a bit tricky at first, but this study guide sets out everything in a manner designed to simplify this work.
  • The sin, cos and area rules, as well as the application of these rules, are dealt with in Grade 11 for the first time. The Maths 4 Africa study guide explains these in a simple, straight-forward manner, thereby ensuring that learners understand how to apply these rules.
  • In the section on trigonometric functions, a detailed summary of the equations of the different functions is provided, explaining what each parameter means. Step-by-step explanations show learners how to draw graphs of trigonometric functions using a calculator. Using exam-type questions in worked examples, learners are also taught how to interpret trigonometric graphs and equations of such graphs.
  • A lot of learners find Grade 11 exponents and surds complicated. The Maths 4 Africa study guide shows learners that this section is actually not difficult at all. Helpful tips and detailed worked examples enable learners to really understand this work.
  • The nature of a quadratic equation’s roots and quadratic inequalities are two more sections which learners often find daunting. Once again, there is absolutely no need for that. This study guide explains everything like a patient, resourceful tutor.
  • In number patterns, learners are introduced to a new type of pattern, namely quadratic sequences. This is explained simply and clearly using colour and helpful tips whenever appropriate. Exam-type questions about quadratic sequences are dealt with in the form of worked examples. Learners are also shown important examples of mixed sequences, which are often encountered in tests or exams.
  • In the section on functions, learners need to be able to deal with horizontal shifts of parabolas, hyperbolas and exponential graphs in addition to vertical shifts and reflections. This study guide carefully explains everything that learners need to know, using clever tools to illustrate what is being done.
  • Financial maths is made easy in this study guide. Learners are shown what to do if interest should be compounded daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually instead of annually. Worked examples include depreciation, time lines and the conversion of nominal interest rates to effective rates (and vice versa). This ensures that learners cover everything they need to know about Grade 11 financial maths.
  • In statistics, learners are introduced to a couple of new concepts. Using helpful summaries and worked examples, the Maths 4 Africa study guide makes quick work of enabling learners to easily understand this work. Step-by-step guidance is offered to show learners exactly how they should use their calculators in this section.
  • Furthermore, at the back of the study guide, learners are provided with the proofs of all the theorems they need to know for Grade 11. This means that they won’t have to run around in circles to find these proofs before exams, as these can simply be found in the Maths 4 Africa study guide, all put together at the back of the book. As in all other chapters, colour and helpful tips are used to keep things simple and easily understandable by highlighting important steps.
  • Everything Grade 11 learners need to know according to CAPS is covered in this study guide. These guides are learner friendly and aim to make Maths as easy as possible for its readers while ensuring that learners cover everything they need to know, including more difficult types of questions in each section. In this way, the Grade 11 Maths 4 Africa study guide helps learners prepare for tests and exams in an effective manner aimed at achieving success.

Author: Katie Muller

ISBN: 978099716248

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