Grade 8 Mathematics '2 in 1' CAPS Answer Series

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Test & Exam Preparation, The Answer Series Grade 8 Maths 2in1 study guide walks you through the fundamentals of critical concepts such as algebra and geometry, helping you to build a thorough understanding of every topic. With this strong foundation, your logic and mathematical reasoning will develop profoundly. 

This 2 in 1 publication includes:

  • Topic-based graded questions and full answers – to develop a step-by-step, thorough understanding of theory, techniques and concepts in every topic.
  • Exam papers with full, detailed solutions.

Key features:

  • Step by step, methodical approach
  • Comprehensive answers, explanations and advice boxes
  • Exam Papers with detailed memos – to put theory into practice and reinforce concepts in an exam format.

This Grade 8 Maths study guide is highly beneficial for learners of all levels and builds a strong base for future mathematical development. 

Authors: Tracy Howie, Anne Eadie, Gretel Lampe
ISBN: 9781920686666

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