Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa Caps Study Guide

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Grade 9 Mathematics is extremely important as it forms the basis of all Maths covered in the senior phase (Grades 10-12). It is therefore of the utmost importance that learners understand the mathematical concepts taught in Grade 9.

  • This is exactly where the Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa study guide comes in. This learner-friendly book is an invaluable tool in understanding Grade 9 Mathematics.
  • It is aimed at explaining the basic concepts of Grade 9 Maths as well as more complicated questions (such as exam-type questions) in a way that learners can easily understand, using colour coding, highlighting of important information, useful notes and simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • In Grade 9, learners are introduced to new concepts such as factorisation, quadratic equations and straight line graphs, which are all extremely important in Grades 10-12. Learners could find such new conceptssomewhat daunting at first, but the Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa study guide explains everything step by step in a way that they will find easy to understand.
  • In the chapter on factorisation, for example, a summary of the different types of factorisation is given first, followed by a step-by-step explanation of each. Various worked examples are thenprovided, and learners also get the opportunity to practise mixed factorisation and handle more complicated questions.
  • Quadratic equations are also new to Grade 9. The Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa study guide explains this concept in a simple manner, helping learners deal with different types of equations.
  • The concept of straight line graphs forms the basis of all other graphs studied in Grades 10-12. This chapter is therefore extremely important. The Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa study guide takes care to keep explanations simple, using easy-to-understand language and colour coding to explain the concept of gradient, different types of lines, etc. All aspects of straight line graphs, including drawing straight line graphs, finding the equations of straight lines and interpreting such graphs, are covered in this chapter.
  • In the chapter on probability, tree diagrams are explained in a simple manner, thereby preventing learners from becoming confused by different scenarios.
  • Even though everything is explained simply and clearly, more difficult exam-type questions are also included in this study guide, thereby helping learners prepare for tests and exams.
  • Learners who use the Grade 9 Maths 4 Africa study guide on a regular basis will find this book invaluable. It has been designed to help learners succeed.

Author: Margaret Rossouw

ISBN: 9781990981791

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