Keto Lifestyle: Simple by Marais Hendrik

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Yes, the keto diet has been around for a while; you’ve heard about it but don’t fully understand the concept and think it’s too expensive. Or perhaps you tried it but were overwhelmed with a deluge of often conflicting information, so you gave up. Possibly, you are following it faithfully but need new inspiration. Besides, there’s always new information coming to the fore. Following on the runaway success of his first book two years ago, Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle, Hendrik Marais has decided that it’s time to introduce the ketogenic lifestyle to even more people, while offering devotees a simplified breakdown of the latest trends, and a completely new set of easy and delicious recipes.
Keto Lifestyle: Simple  is exactly that – a guide to implementing a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting – with meal plans that are simple to follow – that makes sense, is both budget- and loadshedding-friendly, and with all the tricks to save you time. You’ll love the tasty recipes and even find ways to entertain your friends with menus that fall within this lifestyle. But there is so much more: nutritional information, advice on exercise and ways to maintain your motivation.
ISBN: 9781485901716
Format: Trade Paperback

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