Kumon Math Boosters Grades 1-3 Addition & Subtraction

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Kumon Math Boosters provide instruction in math topics that bridge several grade levels and are designed both for children who are slightly behind and those who are ready to move ahead with more challenging topics. The topics in these workbooks offer review and extra practice, but also challenges to boost math proficiency.

For students who struggle with certain math concepts, our proven step-by-step method makes learning math logical and straightforward. For students who excel in math, this workbook will provide new and challenging content that will foster their love of learning. Kumon Math Boosters are designed to make math accessible and fun for both kinds of students.

Topics Covered in this Book:

  • Mental Math Addition
  • Mental Math Subtraction
  • 2-digit Addition
  • 3-digit Addition
  • Subtraction in Vertical Form

ISBN: 9781941082805

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