Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3 Geometry & Measurement

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This workbook is designed for children to complete by themselves.

By checking their answers and correcting errors on their own, children can master important academic skills and foster a sense of independence that will help them develop into self-motivated learners.

Our grade school workbooks follow the Kumon Method, a proven learning system that helps children succeed and excel in math. Kumon Workbooks gradually introduce new topics in a logical progression and always include plenty of practice. As a result, children master one skill at a time and move forward without anxiety or frustration.

Grade 4 Geometry and Measurement focuses on the following topics:

  • Ordinal numbers, read and compare numbers to 1000
  • Compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes
  • Group two-dimensional objects and shapes by like properties
  • Length (inch, foot, yard, centimeter, meter), Weight (pound, gram, kilogram)
  • Capacity (pint, quart, liter), Time (to five minutes), Temperature (degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit)
  • Money (coins, bills 1 to 20 dollars)
  • Find the area of rectangles and squares using a grid

ISBN: 9781934968680

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