Mastering Information Skills for the 21st Century

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Information communication technology (ICT) has changed the way we access and use information. It has also dramatically increased the amount of information available. The information environment constantly changes, and it requires particular skills to make use of the bewildering flood of information. These skills, collectively referred to as information literacy skills, include the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively. They are important for everyone, but especially for undergraduate students. This book will not only ensure that you, as a student, cope with your studies, but will also enable you to participate in the global economy and keep abreast of the ever-changing environment once you graduate. The book examines the various aspects of information literacy, including finding information in a range of sources and resources, such as a library and the internet; and differentiating between various types of resources such as journals, grey literature, government publications, data bases and the internet. It demonstrates how to search electronic information sources effectively, and evaluate information obtained from the internet. It clarifies what is ethical use of information. Also covered in this book are the essential skills of compiling notes and summaries from sources; reading and writing skills - especially as related to writing assignments; and referencing methods needed for compiling an accurate and complete bibliography. The book includes self-test activities and is an indespensable tool for undergraduates.

Author: Myrna Machet

ISBN: 9781868885954

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