Sharp EL-738XTB Business & Financial Calculator

Sale priceR 695.00


For Business School Students and Professionals, Financial Calculator, Large Display and Keys. 

- Time value of Money solver (Calculate payments, interest, savings, etc.)
- Amortization calculations
- Discounted cash flow analysis for up to 100 uneven cash flows
- Acrylic panel to protect LCD Screen
- Bond Calculations
- Depreciation Calculations
- Conversion between APR and EFF
- Day and date calculations
- Percent change / compound interest calculations
- Cost / Sell / Margin / Markup calculations
- Breakeven calculations
- Scientific calculations
- 2-variable statistics with regression (LINE, QUAD, EXP, LOG, PWR, INV)
- Playback function
- Operation manual included
- Battery included
- 2-line displays, Financial Calculator, Large Display and Keys.


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