South African Public Administration and Management 10th Edition

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The effects of the supremacy of the Constitution and the democratising of the government have become of particular practical administrative importance during the past decade. Policies and practices are required to give effect to constitutional provisions and also need to acknowledge international requirements with the acceptance of South Africa into the world of nations both in Africa and further afield. The tenth edition of South African public administration and management (first published in 1981 as Introduction to public administration) is compiled in accordance with the new political and administrative system which commenced with the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. South African public administration and management focuses on the participants and the activities involved in policy making; constructing organisational structures; financing public sector activities; the provision and appointment of human resources; establishing work procedures; and exercising control to ensure that government's stated goals are achieved. Key concepts and self-study questions for each chapter are included, and various examples from the public sector relate the text to the real world within which public administration and management are practised. 

Author: Chris Thornhill


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