The Stoic Mindset: 10 Ancient Lessons for Modern Life

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During the 2010 Olympic speed skating final, Mark Tuitert wasn't thinking about winning, but about Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and Zeno - philosophers belonging to an ancient school of thought that emerged from their experiences of personal hardship.
The Stoics developed a philosophy grounded in striving toward unbiased thinking, self-betterment through virtues, and a focus on only that which lies in our power to control. Having overcome injuries, familial conflict, and the extreme pressures of being a professional athlete, Tuitert still managed to hit his prime= thanks to years of studying and practicing a Stoic mindset. Now, after two decades of applying this philosophy, and seeing the benefits as an athlete, husband, father and entrepreneur, he has distilled Stoicism and his personal experience into ten powerful lessons, allowing you to face adversity, deal with uncertainty and reach your potential.
Stoicism is not about achieving success or happiness for their own sake. It is about doing what is important to you with a focused mindset, and developing a Stoic calm and mental balance when faced with setbacks. This inspiring and engaging book is full of practical exercises to master a Stoic mindset, allowing you to apply these lessons anywhere, anytime.
ISBN: 9780241662786
Format: Hardback

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