X-Kit Achieve! Things fall apart: English Home Language Grade 11 Study Guide

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The X-Kit Achieve! Literature series offers a unique series of visually attractive, high-quality exam preparation tools. The series has been written by top South African educationalists. The books cover all the knowledge and skills tested in the final English Home Language and First Additional Language literature exams for the FET phase. Plot, theme, character, style, symbolism and imagery are all discussed in detail, and thoroughly taught and tested. Study and exam preparation techniques are covered and exam questions provided. Answers are also provided for all the questions to allow learners to monitor their own understanding. This study guide aims to provide you with sufficient support for doing really well in your Grade 12 English examination. This study guide will provide: All the background information needed for a full understanding of Cry, the Beloved Country.; Summaries, including a precis of the whole play, plus details of acts and scenes.; Important quotes for use in exams.; An analysis of the play that will help you understand the plot and develop insight and appreciation.; Pointers about the characters for quick and easy revision.; A summary of the key themes.; Comprehensive exam preparation assistance, including test-yourself questions, sample contextual questions and full answers; and A glossary explaining literature terminology.

ISBN : 9781928330844

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